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Ben Levin Group returns to the studio

For the next 72 hours, we will be recording our next album Invisible Paradise and finishing some of the tracking for Freak Machine and Bent Knee’s first album.  Invisible Paradise is my most classically influenced piece and it really stands out from everything else I’ve written.  I am excited to start tracking!  The recording schedule for the next three days at “The Record Company” in Boston will be really intense, check it out:


Collection of Pulse of a Nation Reviews

Here are some of our favorite quotes about the new album:

“Great Art”-Metal Integral 

“The ambition and imagination that this album demonstrates is undeniable.”- Whisperin and Hollerin

“A long and Perilous Journey.”

-Pete Pardo (Sea of Tranquility)


Pulse of a Nation Review: Whisperin and Hollerin

Click here to read the review at Whisperin and Hollerin

It’s fair to say that in this line of work one should learn to expect the unexpected. You simply never know what will come your way next. Ok, so often, I find I have to be prepared for disappointment, and for an endless flow of mundane releases accompanied by some truly awful hyperbolic press bumph that’s so badly written it has to be seen to be believed.

Of course, in the sea of mediocrity there are always the beacons of light that stand out and more than compensate the tedium. Then there are those albums that simply bewilder. ‘Pulse of a Nation’ falls into this category, and not simply because it utterly defies genre categorisation.


Pulse of a Nation Review: Angry Metal Guy

Click here to read the review at Angry Metal Guy’s Blog

I’m not accustomed to being short for words when I write a review. It’s something that happens pretty rarely because I tend to form such strong opinions about things. And given how much shit I’ve been listening to lately for this website, it’s really cool to be able to get my hands on something that has this kind of exciting personality—but let me tell you now, I’m not sure if I’m up to the job of actually doing this record justice with my descriptions. So if for some reason you don’t feel particularly inspired after this to go out and check out this record then ignore that impulse—and check it out anyway.


Ben Levin writes about composing “Pulse of a Nation”

It was at my grandmother’s funeral that I became obsessed with endings.  I loved my grandmother very much and even though it is a normal part of life to have grandparents pass away, that didn’t make it any easier for me.  I was thinking a lot about how no matter how beautiful or terrible life can be, it will certainly end, and everyone will experience the end of their world at some point.  I started imagining how people would act if they knew the exact date and moment that their life would end, which lead me to explore the idea of the whole world ending at once.  I started writing “Pulse of a Nation” shortly after returning home from the funeral.  I knew I wanted to write a whole 40 minute set of music at once as an experiment, but didn’t initially plan to write just one epic piece of music. 


Producer Vince Welch writes about recording/mixing “Pulse of a Nation”

A little over thirteen months ago, I was fortunate enough to play with the Randy James Dio cover band at Ben Levin Group’s CD release show.  That night Ben was releasing his first proper album, “Departure,” as well as premiering his 40-minute epic, “Pulse of a Nation.”   I had been good friends with Ben for years, and I had always really enjoyed his music.  Ben plays instrumental rock, and I always appreciated the fact that he largely stayed away from the mindless wanking that so often is the focus of the genre.

I was in a strange mood that night.  The past couple of months had been pretty crappy, and the past couple of weeks had been even worse. 


Pulse of a Nation out now!

The CD release show was a huge success and Pulse of a Nation is now available for sale on, iTunes, and Amazon!  Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming Ben Levin Group tour, as well as future releases including the full score and a graphic novel! 


Monday, December 6, 2010


Pulse of a Nation in final mixing stages

We are almost finished mixing our new album “Pulse of a Nation.”  Currently, each band member is meeting with producer/mixing engineer Vince Welch and I to offer final critiques and commentaries so that Vince can make the last edits before mastering.   So far the band members, Vince, and I all agree that this album is going to be outstanding and I have never been this confident in one of my projects before.

Stay tuned!


Friday, October 1, 2010